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Incoloy 800H

Nickel Ni 30.0~35.0%
Chromium Cr 19.0~23.0%
Iron Fe Bal.
Manganese Mn ≤1.5%
Silicon Si ≤1.0%
Silicon Si ≤1.0%
Copper Cu ≤0.75%
Aluminium Al 0.15~0.60%
Titanium Ti 0.15~0.60%
Carbon C 0.05~0.10%
Sulphur S ≤0.015%


Incoloy 800H  is an austenitic heat-resistant alloy widely used in high-temperature pressure-bearing structural parts. The high strength of 800H/HT is mainly due to the addition of carbon, aluminum, and titanium, and it is annealed at a minimum temperature of 1149°C to achieve a grain size of ASTM5 or coarser.

800H alloy has the following characteristics

1. Excellent corrosion resistance in extremely high temperature aqueous media up to 500℃
2. Very good resistance to stress corrosion
3. Very good processability

Metallographic structure of Incoloy 800H

800H is a face-centered cubic lattice structure. The extremely low carbon content and increased Ti:C ratio increase structural stability and maximum sensitization resistance and intergranular corrosion resistance. The low-temperature annealing at around 950°C ensures a fine-grained structure.

Corrosion resistance of Incoloy 800H

800H can resist corrosion of many corrosive media. Its high nickel content makes it have good stress corrosion cracking resistance under water-based corrosion conditions. The high chromium content makes it have better resistance to pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion cracking. The alloy has good corrosion resistance to nitric acid and organic acids, but its corrosion resistance in sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid is limited. In addition to the possibility of pitting corrosion in halides, it has good corrosion resistance in oxidizing and non-oxidizing salts. It also has good corrosion resistance in water, steam and mixtures of steam, air and carbon dioxide.

Incoloy 800H Application Scope Application field

1. Nitric acid condenser-resistant to nitric acid corrosion
2. Steam heating tube-very good mechanical properties
3. Heating element tube-very good mechanical properties
For applications up to 500°C, the alloy supply state is annealed state.

Similar grades

GB/T UNS Trademark W.Nr
NS112 N08810 Incoloy800H 1.4876

Incoloy 800H Physical properties

Density 8.0 g/cm3
Melting point 1350-1400 ℃
Incoloy 800H Minimum mechanical properties at room temperature
Alloy state tensile strength Yield Strength Elongation
  Rm  N/mm2 RP0.2  N/mm2  A5  %
Solid solution 450 180 35

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