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Hastelloy X

Nickel Ni Bal.
Chromium Cr 20.5~23.0%
Iron Fe 17.0~20.0%
Molybdenum Mo 8.0~10.0%
Cobalt Co 0.5~2.5%
Manganese Mn ≤1.0%
Silicon Si ≤1.0%
Tungsten W 0.2~1.0%
Titanium Ti ≤0.5%
Copper Cu ≤0.5%
Aluminium Al ≤0.15%
Carbon C 0.05~0.15%
Sulphur S ≤0.015%


Hastelloy X
is an austenitic nickel-based alloy with 22% chromium and excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures. Hastelloy X alloy is solid solution strengthened and has excellent strength at high temperatures. It has good high temperature and stress fracture characteristics above 790oC or 1450oF. It is suitable for applications with a temperature limit of approximately 1200°C. Alloy X contains large amounts of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum, providing excellent corrosion resistance similar to the high-nickel alloys more common in corrosive applications.

HastelloyX has the following characteristics:
●Excellent oxidation resistance up to 1200°C
●Good high temperature strength
●Good formability and weldability
●Good resistance to stress corrosion cracking
HastelloyX application field
Because of its corrosion resistance in various atmospheres at high temperatures and excellent high-temperature strength, HastelloyX has been widely used in various high-temperature environments.
Typical application areas:
●Industrial and aviation steam turbines (combustion chamber, rectifier, structural cover)
●Industrial furnace parts, support rollers, grids, ribbons and radiant tubes
●Spiral tube in petrochemical furnace
●High temperature gas cooling nuclear reactor

Physical properties
Melting point
Thermal conductivity
Specific heat capacity
Elastic Modulus
Poisson's ratio Linear expansion coefficient
8.28 1295-
13.38(100℃) 372.6 199 1.18   12.1(20~100℃)
Mechanical properties(Detect the minimum value of mechanical properties at 20℃)
Heat treatment method Tensile strength
Yield Strength
σ5 /%
Brinell hardness
Solution treatment 690 275 30 ≥241

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