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Nickel+Cobalt Ni+Co ≥99.9%
Iron Fe ≤0.04%
Silicon Si ≤0.03%
Copper Cu ≤0.015%
Carbon C ≤0.01%
Magnesium Mg ≤0.01%
Zinc Zn ≤0.005%
Manganese Mn ≤0.002%
Sulphur S ≤0.001%
Phosphorus P ≤0.01%
Arsenic As ≤0.01%
Bismuth Bi ≤0.01%
Cadmium Cd ≤0.01%
Lead Pb ≤0.01%
Antimony Sb ≤0.01%
Tin Sn ≤0.01%
Impurity ≤0.1%


The nickel content of pure nickel is more than 99.95%. It has excellent mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance in different environments. Welding performance, high tensile tension, easy operation, low resistivity (preferred for notebook battery packs). It is mainly used in the battery industry, such as the manufacture of nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries, assembled batteries and power tools, which can pass more than 50A current, and is the first choice for power battery packs; communication information, special lights, etc.; alkali industry; electronics, mechanical equipment Manufacturing; chemical industry, etc., can also be used for the manufacture of some corrosion-resistant structural parts, etc. In addition, nickel is also a metal raw material that must be added when manufacturing welding wire electrodes.

Chengyuan Alloy Co., Ltd. is one of the leading non-ferrous metal processing enterprises in China with more than 10 years of experience. In addition to Cupro, Fecral and Nichrome products, the company also manufactures pure nickel wire, strip and tape under the Ni200 and Ni201 brands.

Ni201 pure nickel is a pure nickel grade with extremely low carbon content. It can be used in high temperature environments up to 1230 °C. It has excellent corrosion resistance to caustic soda, chlorine, etc., and is especially suitable for the material environment of diaphragm electrolytic caustic soda production equipment. Ni201 nickel wire has good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and high heat resistance, and is suitable for the manufacture of vacuum devices, electronic instrument components, strong alkali chemical production filters, etc. It also has the characteristics of magnetostriction and magnetism, high heat transfer, high electrical conductivity, low gas volume and low vapor pressure, good spot welding performance, high tensile tension, easy handling, low resistivity (first choice for notebook battery combinations) . Ni201 pure nickel products are widely used in radio, electric light source, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry and other industries, and are important structural materials in vacuum electronic devices. Its similar grades are Alloy 201, N02201, 2.4068, Nickel 201.

Mechanical properties 

Material condition
Tensile strength,
MPa (kgf / mm2), not less than, grades
% not less than
   Ni201; Ni200
   Ni201; Ni200
δ10 δ5
Soft 390 ( 40) 32 35
1/2 Hard 440 ( 45) 10 12
Hard 540 ( 55) 2 3

Physical properties

Alloy grade Density
Melting point
Thermal conductivity
Specific heat capacity
Elastic Modulus
  g/cm3 λ/(W/m•℃) J/kg•℃ GPa μΩ•m
Ni201 8.89 1435-1446 79.3 456 205 0.085
Ni200 8.89 1435-1446 70.2 456 205 0.096
Supply form and specification
Alloy grade Form Specification
Ni201; Ni200 Wire Diameter=0.025mm~8mm
 Ni201; Ni200 Flat wire Width=0.4~40mm Thick=0.03~2.9mm
 Ni201; Ni200 Strip width=8~250mm ThickT=0.1~3.0mm
 Ni201; Ni200 Foil width=6~120mm Thick=0.003~0.1mm
 Ni201; Ni200 Bar Diameter=8~100mm Long=50~1000

Due to its stable operation at high temperatures, nickel wire and strip are indispensable for production in the manufacture of electronic devices, navigation devices and high-precision electrical engineering.
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