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Iron Fe Bal.
Nickel Ni 55.0~61.0%
Chromium Cr 15.0~18.0%
Silicon Si 0.75~1.60%
Manganese Mn ≤0.60%
Carbon C ≤0.08%
Sulphur S ≤0.015%
Phosphorus P ≤0.02%


heating alloy is composed of nickel-chromium alloy. It has high resistivity, good oxidation resistance, good stability, ductility and good welding performance. The maximum applicable temperature is up to 1150 degrees, which is longer than iron-chromium-aluminum. Service life. The alloy is widely used in metal sheathing elements, such as hot plates, grills, ovens, storage heaters, and also used in coils in clothes dryers, fan heaters, hand dryers and various resistors.The main supply forms are wire, strip, flat wire, bar, plate, tube and wire mesh.

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Other nichrome alloy grades: Ni80Cr20, Ni70Cr30, Ni35Cr20, Ni30Cr20, etc.

Ni60Cr15 Mechanical performance (1.0mm)

Yield Strength tensile strength Elongation
Mpa Mpa %
370 730 35

Ni60Cr15 Physical properties

Density Resistivity at 20℃  Thermal conductivity at 20°C Specific heat capacity 
  at 20℃ 
Melting point Maximum use temperature of the element Magnetic
(g/cm3)  (Ωmm2/m) (WmK) J/gK (℃) (℃)  
8.2 1.12 13 0.46 1390 1150 Non
Thermal expansion coefficient
Temperature Average linear expansion coefficientx10-6/℃
20 ℃- 1000℃ 17

Ni60Cr15 Temperature factors of electrical resistance
20℃ 100℃ 200℃ 300℃ 400℃ 500℃ 600℃
1 1.011 1.024 1.038 1.052 1.064 1.069
700℃ 800℃ 900℃ 1000℃ 1100℃ 1200℃ 1300℃
1.073 1.078 1.088 1.095 1.109 - -
Ni60Cr15 Supply form and specification
Alloy grade Form Specification
Ni60Cr15 Wire Diameter=0.018mm~10mm
Ni60Cr15 Flat wire Width=0.4~40mm Thick=0.03~2.9mm
Ni60Cr15 Strip width=8~250mm ThickT=0.1~3.0mm
Ni60Cr15 Foil width=6~120mm Thick=0.003~0.1mm
Ni60Cr15 Bar Diameter=8~100mm Long=50~1000

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