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The limited production of stainless steel covers the downstream, and the uneven supply and demand wi

In October, stainless steel mills’ electricity and production restrictions will become the norm. With the implementation of the September production restrictions, the stainless steel mill’s production restrictions have been close to the peak and will not continue to rise. It is expected that some steel mills will resume production in the future, and the latter will take measures to stop nickel-iron to protect crude steel to ensure that they can obtain as many benefits as possible while the total production capacity remains unchanged. At the same time, stainless steel futures pulled back.

In the general environment of limited production of stainless steel mills, the terminal industry is gradually covered. Downstream processing plants and terminal manufacturing industries have begun to reduce load and limit power and limit production this week. Large-scale curtailment of electricity and production has made the current sluggish non-ferrous metal market weaker. In terms of exports, after the previous climb, export demand has now returned to a normal level, which has once again hit the companies that rely on export balance and limit production to profit. In the last week before the National Day, the total social inventory of stainless steel in the mainstream market across the country was 718,800 tons, an increase of 0.06% on a week-on-week basis. The total inventory of 300 series was 404,700 tons, an increase of 1.70% on a week-on-month basis. Due to a large number of reductions in stainless steel production, the inventory rose instead of falling. , To verify that the downstream demand is weak.

On the whole, the stainless steel market shows that both supply and demand are weak. The production restriction order gradually covers the downstream manufacturing terminals from the upstream. The resulting imbalance of supply and demand will make the market's impact on the price of stainless steel more prominent. There is a backlog of inventory, which has caused pressure on the price of stainless steel, and it is expected to maintain a weak operation pattern.


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