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Iron Fe Bal.
Nickel Ni 78.5~80.0%
Molybdenum Mo 3.8~4.1%
Silicon Si 0.3~0.5%
Manganese Mn 0.6~1.1%
Copper Cu ≤0.2%
Carbon C ≤0.03%
Sulphur S ≤0.02%
Phosphorus P ≤0.02%


iron-nickel alloy is a 79-80% nickel alloy, a high saturation magnetic induction soft magnetic alloy, with high initial permeability, maximum permeability and low coercivity. The saturation magnetic induction intensity of 1J79 is greater than 0.75T. 1J79 alloy has good anti-rust performance and processing performance, and can be used to make components with extremely precise shapes and sizes.

Ni79Mo4 alloy is smelted in a vacuum induction furnace, and is made into cold-rolled strip, cold-drawn wire or hot-rolled (forged) plate and bar after hot and cold plastic deformation. In the aviation industry and other electronic industries, it is used to produce electronic components with high sensitivity, precise size, small size, low high-frequency loss, good time and temperature stability, and special functions. It is widely used in communication, instrumentation, electronic computer, telemetry, remote control, wireless charging and other systems.

Ni79Mo4 Mechanical performance 

Yield Strength Tensile strength Elongation
Mpa Mpa %
980 1030 3~50

Ni79Mo4 Physical properties

Density Resistivity at 20℃  Coefficient of linear expansion (20℃~200℃) Saturation magnetostriction coefficient Curie point
(g/cm3)  (Ωmm2/m) X10-6/℃ λθ/ 10-6 Tc/ ℃
8.6 0.55 10.3~11.5 2.0 450
 Material magnetic properties
Ni79Mo4 Initial permeability Maximum permeability Coercivity Saturation magnetic induction
Cold rolled strip/plate
Thickness, mm
μ0.08/ (mH/m) μm/ (mH/m) Hc/ (A/m) BS/ T
0.01 mm 17.5 87.5 5.6 0.75
0.1~0.19 mm 25.0 162.5 2.4
0.2~0.34 mm 28.0 225.0 1.6
0.35~1.0 mm 30.0 250.0 1.6
1.1~2.5 mm 27.5 225.0 1.6
2.6~3.0 mm 26.3 187.5 2.0
Cold drawn wire  
0.1 mm 6.3 50 6.4
8-100 mm 25 100 3.2

Ni79Mo4 Heat treatment method
Annealing medium Dry hydrogen (the dew point is not higher than -40℃) or vacuum, the residual pressure is not more than 0.1Pa
Heating temperature and speed 1100~1150℃
Holding time/h 3~6
Cooling rate Cool to 600℃ at a rate of 100 ~ 200 ℃/h, and quickly cool to 300℃ and get out of the oven
 Ni79Mo4 Supply form and specification
Alloy grade Form Size
Ni79Mo4 Wire D= 0.1~8mm
Ni79Mo4 Strip W= 8~290mm T= 0.3~2.5mm
Ni79Mo4 Foil W= 10~100mm T= 0.01~0.1mm
Ni79Mo4 Bar Dia= 8~100mm L= 50~1000mm


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