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Nickel Ni ≥67%
Chromium Cr 18.0~22.0%
Manganese Mn 2.5~3.5%
Iron Fe ≤3.0%
Niobium+Tantalum Nb+Ta 2.0~3.0%
Titanium Ti ≤0.75%
Copper Cu ≤0.5%
Silicon Si ≤0.5%
Carbon C ≤0.1%
Phosphorus P ≤0.03%
Sulphur S ≤0.015%
Other ≤0.5%


is used for welding 600, 601 and 800 alloys themselves, and for welding dissimilar steels between stainless steel and carbon steel. The weld metal formed by welding has higher strength and better corrosion resistance, better oxidation resistance and higher creep rupture strength at high temperature.

1. Welding wire ERNiCr-3 is used for welding INCONEL 600\601\690 alloy, INCOLOY 800\800HT\330 alloy, and also used for surface stacking of steel materials. weld.

2. Welding wire ERNiCr-3 can also be used for welding dissimilar materials, such as INCONEL series alloys, INCOLOY series alloys, or INCOLOY 330 alloys and nickel, MONEL series alloys, stainless steel and carbon steel. It can also be used for welding stainless steel. With nickel-based alloy or carbon steel.

ERNiCr-3 Physical properties
Density 8.2 g/cm3
Melting point 1320-1370℃
Yield Strength Tensile strength Elongation
Mpa Mpa %
≥360 ≥600 ≥22

ERNiCr-3 Product specifications

Straight wire diameter:3.2mm 2.4mm 2.0mm
Wire diameter of upper plate :1.6mm 1.2mm 1.0mm 0.9mm

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